Ice hockey culture in Finland

                                                                                                Jokeri game in Hartwall Arena on Monday 25.9.2017


Ice hockey culture in Finland


The national sport of Finland is baseball, but ice hockey is the most played

sport here. In Finland around 62 800 persons play ice hockey. We asked people what they think about Finnish ice-hockey.


In Finland ice hockey is a much bigger thing than in Germany. In Germany they prefer for example football instead of ice hockey. Finland has won the World championship twice, against Sweden and Slovakia. In Finland we have the Finnish league, where 15 different Finnish teams from different cities are playing.

Ville Karjalainen


What people think about ice-hockey


We interviewed some people at Hartwall Arena and Ville Karjalainen in Helsinki. The fans we interviewed were 20-60 year-old women and men. People answered as follows:

  1. What do you think about ice-hockey?
  • “It is a good sport, I like watching it and I like playing it as well”


  1.  Have you ever seen a match?
  • “ A live match three or four times”


  1. Have you ever played ice-hockey in a club?
  • “No, just with friends”


Fan interviews in Hartwall Arena:


  1. Why do you watch ice-hockey?
  • “ It is my favourite sport.”
  • “I like it and I have always watched it since I was a kid.”
  • “It is a long story.”


  1. How long have you been a fan?
  • “Forty-three years”
  • “Always”


  1. How often do you go to a match?
  • “ Every home-match and two to five away games.”
  • “Every home match.”


Emma, Laetitia, Erika & Karla

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