The Finnish heroes, also known as the police


The police is very appreciated in Finland because they are always helping. The work they do is interesting because they have so much to do. So now we are going to tell you a little bit about the police.


The police station in Helsinki was opened in 1826. About 1600 people work there and 1300 of them are police officers. About 7000 police officers work in the whole Finland. The police department in Helsinki has about 35 police cars, 20 motorcycles, 5 bigger cars that are shockproof, 20 civile police cars and 6 horses. The finnish police uses sometimes horses when they are out. The police station in Helsinki is responsible for the safety and avoiding crimes.


The most common crime in Finland is robbery. For example store robbery. The finnish public-safety answering point (PSAP) gets several hundreds of emergency calls to the police department and the police reacts to all of those that the PSAP sends to the police. And about 25-50% of the cases lead to a police report.

A picture of Pasila police station.


We had an interview with the police officers Krista Hakkala and Tatu Jahnsson who work at the police station in Pasila. Here are the questions and their answers, and the answers are from both officers:


“What has been the weirdest mission you have been on?”

-There are some weird missions that we can’t tell about to the public but one time I wrestled with a naked man and I was once in a Rolling stones concert with a horse.

“How many hours do you work per day?”

-It depends on the day but 6-12 hours. Something between that.

“How many years does the police school take?

-About 3,5 years.

“What are your favourite things about being a police?”

-It is the versatility in our assignments.

“How do you keep yourselves physically in good shape?”

-We can train 2 hours a week during our working time but we have to train also in our free time.

“Are you scared sometimes when you are doing your job?”

-Of course sometimes but we seldom have missions where our own security would be in danger.


It was interesting to hear new things about the police. And it is also interesting that even though they work in the capital city, their job is seldom dangerous.


Nino, Kris, (Oskari and Aron)


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