Are Finns drowning in chocolate?

Here you can see some of the Fazer’s products: cookies, bars and strawberry chocolates


Everybody knows how important chocolate is for Finnish people. We wanted to investigate how much chocolate and other Faze products mean to the Finns. We also wanted to compare the thoughts of Finns and Germans about Fazer.


Fazer as a big part of Finland


Fazer is the biggest sweet factory in Finland. It was founded in 1891 by Karl Fazer in Helsinki. It is a Finnish family company. It is famous for its tours where people can see how the sweets are made, hear a little about the company’s history and after that eat as much sweets as you can from the samples. You can do this in Vantaa. There is a specific tour centre for it.

Here you can see a picture from the Fazer’s tour centre. The pillars are full of candies


What do people think about Fazer?

We were interested in about people’s chocolate eating habits so we made an interview about it on 28th of September 2017. These are the questions we asked:


  1. Do you prefer Fazer’s chocolate or German chocolate for example Ritter sport?
  2. How often do you usually eat chocolate?
  3. Milk-, dark- or white chocolate?
  4. Do you like Fazer’s products?
  5. Which one is your favourite?
  6. Do you think Finland could survive without Fazer? Why?


This is what we found out; interviews


Oskari Tamminen, a 17-year-old boy from Finland answered like this. “Of course I prefer Fazer’s chocolate, it’s better and it’s Finnish. I eat chocolate sometimes but not very often, like once a week. I prefer milk chocolate. I love Fazer’s products and my favourite is the cranberry bread. And I don’t think Finland could survive without Fazer because it’s so big part of Finland.”


Milla Miettinen, 16-year-old girl from Finland answered like this: “I prefer Fazer’s chocolate because it’s Finnish and I eat chocolate like once a month. I prefer the white chocolate and it’s my favourite product from Fazer. I like Fazer’s products and I don’t think Finland could survive without.”


Nino Nyberg, a 17-year-old boy from Finland answered like this: “I’m not sure which one I prefer. I eat chocolate once a week and I like Fazer’s products. My favourite product is geisha. And Finland couldn’t live without Fazer.”


Anne Tuominen, a 49-year-old woman from Finland: “I have to say Fazer. I eat chocolate every day. I prefer dark chocolate. I love fazer’s products, they are the best thing in the world. Chocolate strawberries are my favourite products and Finland could definitely not survive without it.”


Paul Ziegler, a 18-year-old boy from Germany: “Yes Finnish chocolate is better than German but not better than in Switzerland. I don’t eat chocolate so often. Sometime during a week but I love hot chocolate. Definitely Milk chocolate. Sure I love Fazer’s products. It is a hard decision to between salmiakki and the 70% bars. Surviving? I sure think that they would but the salmiakki would be missed”


Kristofer Schok, a 18-year-old boy from Germany: “It depends on the German brand but for me the best is Moser Roth. It depends on the season: in the winter more times in a week but summer less. Depends on the mood, most of the time Milk chocolate. Fazer has nice products and my favourite is Geisha.They live with just wood and lakes so they could manage without.”


Nico Fenz, a 16-year-old boy from Germany: “German of course. I eat chocolate once a week and my favourite is milk chocolate and I like Fazer’s products. The strawberry chocolate is my favourite. Finland couldn’t manage without because it’s an important part of it.”


So as you can see, Fazer is thought of as a very important thing for Finland.


Jessika Tuominen, Valentina Schuler, Roosa Luuppala, Selina Hofmeister

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