Finnish food- tasty or not?


There is a lot of traditional food in Finland. Most of the Finns like finnish traditional food but for foreigners it can look really disgusting. We wanted to know what finnish people think about their food, so we interviewed people on the street. First we will show you some examples of traditional Finnish food.



It is a soup of peas and sometimes also meat.  


Kalakukko is fish inside a bread.



It is a one kind of bun. Inside there is cinnamon and sugar.


It is some kind of porridge you eat in the Eastern time. Water, rye flour, powdered malted rye, salt and the zesting of an Orange. Mämmi looks really bad because of the colour which is black.



It is a pasty where you have rice and dough.


We interviewed Finnish habitats about traditional Finnish food. We asked four questions

  1. What is the first Finnish traditional food that comes to your mind?
  2. Do you know any other Finnish food?
  3. What traditional Finnish food has the best taste?
  4. Which dishes do you make at home?


The people we interviewed was a older lady, an older man and a woman with her child and they answered like this:

The first thing that came to their mind was paistetut silakat (small fried fishes), hernekeitto and karjalanpiirakka.

They also came up with läskisoosi, karjalanpaisti and lihapullat (meatballs).The best taste has all the fish dishes, macaroni casserole and hernekeitto.They said that they prepare fish dishes and meat sauce with potatoes on their own.

We interviewed Veeti and Riina 27.9.2017 at the Railway station in Helsinki.


Lea, Theresa, Ina and Milla




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